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        At Keerthipati Group, we harness our expertise to deliver reliable, innovative, trust worth, comfort and marketing services and information management solutions to improve our clients business performance.
        In July 1999, Keerthipati Reddy Bhaskar Raju Founder of Keerthipati group starts expansion of his business. The travel service business as Bhaskar travels is the next business that joins in to his thought, with a great service and good will Bhaskar travels stood as leading cab and taxi travels solution provider in Tirupati. Constructions, Steel and Cement distributors were the next business segments that furnish the value of keerthipati group. As a part of marketing services Keerthipati Group also initiated in the establishment of RBR Enterprises; deals in the marketing of Springon and Peps Mattresses. Keethipati group is equipped with value enabled and expertise staff, and as a result was able to expand our service offerings. Keethipati Group had since 1999 provided Chit Fund services to end-users, businesses and corporate clients in the Tirupati region and beyond. Most of Keerthipati Group clients were typically those seeking service deployments that would require extensive comfortable and perfect services, needs assessments and design of innovative solutions.
        Keerthipati with our services have over 16 years of cumulative experience in the provision of a broad range of services, solutions and products that cut across a broad range of issues such as Chits, Travels, Constructions, Steel and Cement distributors, and Spring on and Peps mattresses distributors. Whereas our largest client base is in Tirupati, we have a significant portfolio of clients in Tirupati. We are extremely proud of this record of performance, and the resulting expertise and access to the latest and most advanced service networking firms that we are able to offer our clients; Keerthipati Chits Pvt Ltd, Keerthipati constructions Pvt Ltd, RBR Enterprises- Springon and Peps mattresses distributors, Keerthipati Enterprises Pvt Ltd-Cement & Steel distributors.
        Keerthipati Group today offers a full complement of Chit Fund products and services that include scalable and robust money saving strategy planning, and management. Travel service with ten different variant vehicles can provide services from the heart of Tirupati to several kilometers range. Construction of innovative modern designed heavy structures that can indulge new era in constructions in Tirupati. Enterprise solutions in marketing service of Springon branded mattresses. Provided below are selected highlights of our core capabilities in value service, business management services.

Founder & Chairman
Shri. Keerthipati Reddy Bhaskar Raju

Director Profile

Is a Master of Arts from the Institute of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. He has pursued Bachelor of Science from the same University, India.
He joined Life Insurance Corporation of India as an Agent in June 1999. He initiated the establishment of a Chit fund company backward integration journey from his marketing experience and good will. In the same year he took his thought to start a Travel service with cabs and taxi services which developed like one of the leading travel service provider in Tirupati.
The next element in his business entrepreneurship directed towards the Enterprise solutions; which were deals with distributing and marketing springon and Peps branded products. The structural creative thought of his ideal induced him to establish a new Construction company in Tirupati which drawn to a new era for modern constructions for domestic and commercial purposes. Keerthipati Enterprises Pvt. Ltd business were the next two new firms that furnish the Keerthipati Group. His dedication and love towards his place Tirupati made him to establish all his business operation in Tirupati and get supersized to many locations in Andhra Pradesh.
He led the creation of the Keerthipati group at Tirupati, with a current capacity of Five companies with a turnover of Thirty Crores per year. Further, he steered the setting up expansion his business wings to new available opportunities in the market. With a huge courage and interest towards this field now he is focusing to develop marketing enterprise solutions in Tirupati in the company name of “RBR Enterprises”.

here some facts about us

Under his leadership, Keerthipati is set to transform India's best service providing group to potential benefits with an absolute service output.
His achievements have been acknowledged at national level. Recently, some of the awards and recognition bestowed on him are:
• Awarded the Best Agent Performer by the LIC in 2005 for his performance in the application of Customer Service and Target achievement.
• Awarded the Best leading Distribution Performer by the Springon and Peps in 2013 for his target achievements in sale of products.

Our serivces

Keerthipati Chits

Saving and Investing is a lifelong process. The sooner you start; the better off you'll be in the long run.

Keerthipati Constructions

Infrastructure for connecting people and places.

Springon and Peps Mattresses

Comfort is our Business.To give its expanding activities a definite direction and a wider dimension

Steel and Cement

We at RBR Enterprises object aim to give good and better service to the customer through value added products.

Bhaskar Travels and Transporters

Travel with someone you can trust.Bhaskar travels is a unique travel group


As one of leading business entities, Keerthipati Group has been driving growth in the different fields.


Keerthipati Group offers most admired integrated services to the customers through successful entrepreneurship. Integration of its core business competence and strength and adding further services to provide for our customers with present domains such as Keerthipati Chits, Keerthipati constructions Pvt Ltd, RBR Enterprises, Cement & Steel distributors, Spring on mattresses distributors has borne rich support for Keerthipati together has more than decade of competent experience in providing outstanding services. The following are selected highlights of our company experience.
Keerthipati group occupied a position in million turnover companies club India. Following are the approximate volumes of turnover figures that we acquired in past decade.

Our Expertise

  • C.Sreenivasa Raju

    Manager RBR Enterprises

  • M.V. Sarvana Kumar

    Ast Manager Keerthipati

  • G.Sreenivasa Rao

    Senior Manager chits

  • K. Srinivasulu


  • K. Pavan Kumar

    Ast Manager Chits


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The best customer service is if the customer doesn't need to call you, doesn't need to talk to you. It just works.

Joythinath M.S

"I have been associated with this company from last 10 years. I can say the service is awesome"

C. Ragunath Reddy

"Best trustworth Chit fund company in tirupati"

Y. Muniraja

"Priveliaged Travel service "

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